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The second exercise from Ursula K. Le Guin’s Steering the Craft is all about punctuation. Write a paragraph without any punctuation at all. Is it readable? Does the subject matter fit the format? What follows is a short piece of flash fiction that I wrote for this exercise.

The line of people camped out around the electronics store building buzzed with anticipation at five minutes till opening on Black Friday when the clock struck seven am the buzz built into a roar as people packed up their tents and sleeping bags and foldable camp chairs some began to shove and push and shout and trip and fall and bruise and skin knees the click clack of keys in the door could only be heard from inside the store where an army of employees in blue shirts prepared for the onslaught of battle the doors burst open nearly shattering the shatterproof glass blue shirts shoved aside as the stampede flooded into the enormous room trampling over tidy displays knocking over cardboard cutouts advertising aspects of the sale battered blue shirts hunkered down behind counters and cash registers fingers ready to call in the police for backup if necessary chaos reigned a cacophony of yells and shouts customers breaking into fist fights over the last new game cartridge TVs flashing a variety of nature programs and music videos and action-packed movies as customers emptied the store of its contents the riot died down to embers individuals complaining demanding a rain check on the sale price of the item in question management pointing out the advertisement small print while supplies last

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2 thoughts on “Punctuation – #FlashFiction”

  1. It burns! The lack of punctuation burns!

    In all seriousness, I can see how it’s an interesting technique and makes for a sense of urgency, but it drives me crazy. It reads more like poetry than prose, kind of.

    What do YOU think?

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