I Feel #poetry #strongertogether

I feel great hope and great despair
Alternating like the folds
Of a pinwheel in the glinting sun


I feel cries of outrage
Rise up around the nation
I feel heartbreak and fear
In each vulnerable soul


I feel it in my heart
I carry it with me
I carry it in my heart


I ache with shock and grief
Yet bubbling up within me
Is a resolve
Galvanized into the steel
Of solidarity
Glinting rays of hope

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One thought on “I Feel #poetry #strongertogether”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for speaking to this right now. The abject silence on most knitting blogs right now hurts my heart. I believe it is fear-driven in that they don’t want to lose customers.

    So double thank you. StrongerTogether in these dark times.

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