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I love connecting with other writers, and readers of course, so please drop me a line! If you’re interested in my freelance Editorial Services, click here.

I aim to mix clear, concise writing with artful prose and rich description while telling an interesting story and creating vivid, relatable characters. I write gritty speculative fiction and use wit and whimsy to balance the darkness.

What People are Saying about my Writing:

  • When I won first place in the MCWC Participant Short Fiction Contest, Natalie Serber had the following to say about my short story, “The Apple”:
  • From the first gripping image, this story unravels in a dystopian near future that keeps the reader turning pages.  The characters are sympathetic and recognizable, for in this challenging place, where citizens have chips planted in their brains to maximize their performance, the deepest struggle is one we are all familiar with, the struggle to belong, to combat loneliness.  Margit Sage has made some bold strokes in creating her vivid landscape of the future.

Current Projects:

  • Editing my clients’ and critique partners’ manuscripts
  • Drafting a dystopic urban fantasy with a female vigilante protagonist and a cast of strong characters, written from multiple points of view
  • Maintaining a local writing group
  • Posting new #poetry and/or #flashfiction weekly

My story:

I’m a (mostly) speculative fiction writer, freelance editor (fiction and nonfiction), knitwear designer (and tech editor), and founding member of a local writers group. Originally from Oregon, I studied engineering and worked in the aerospace industry before leaving to write and edit full-time. When away from my computer, I enjoy quilting, spinning, weaving, photography, and taking my adorable dog to the park in sunny Silicon Valley.


  • First and foremost, Dr. Suess. He sparked my fascination with language in “Fox in Sox“, and planted a seed of love for Ominous Whimsy with “The Lorax“. When asked on my college application who my favorite author was, I wrote “Dr. Suess” without hesitation. Read more about how he is many SF&F authors’ inspiration here.
  • Check out my Goodreads reviews for my favorite books and to see what I’m currently reading.


5 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Love the description of your writing! Have never read genres even close to that, but you make me want to start. My husband loves sci-fi — i’ll tell him about your style. Sounds so interesting!

    1. You made my day! Much of the flash fiction on my blog is not sci-fi or urban fantasy, it’s more suspense and humor, and you are familiar with my poetry, some of which I’ve posted, so I hope you’ll find something to enjoy! 🙂

  2. Hi Margit, I’ve just checked out your Goodreads page and sent you a friend request. I love the way you’ve organized your books to include writing subjects. I’m pretty new to Goodreads so still finding my way around it. SD

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