A comprehensive list of all of the poetry I have posted on my blog can be found below. The list was updated on 6/20/14. For any poems written after the update, click here.

34) “Gelatin Dreams” Surreal
33) “Invisible Walls” SliceofLife, Suspense
32) “Not Alone” SliceofLife, Dogs
31) “Gentle Hesitation” SliceofLife, Grief
30) “Whatever” SliceofLife
29) “It Ends Today” SliceofLife, Surreal, Inspiration
28) “Cracked” SliceofLife
27) “When I’m Gone” SliceofLife
26) “Solitary Slumber” Spine Poem, Surreal, Urban Fantasy
25) “Remember” Science Fiction, Dystopian
24) “Another Cup?” SliceofLife
23) “Umbrella” SliceofLife
22) “Ballerina” Surreal
21) “Insomnia” SliceofLife
20) “Red Light” SliceofLife
19) “Dancing Cow” Humor, SliceofLife
18) “Giants of the Sea” Spine Poem
17) “Chaos Conquered” SliceofLife
16) “Breathe” SliceofLife
15) “Brisk Autumn Wind” SliceofLife
14) “A drink” Humor
13) “Imagine a Night” Spine Poem
12) “Fragile” Love
11) “Ol’ Willy” Humor
10) “The Land of the Dragon” Fantasy, Spine Poem
9) “My Father’s Shadow” Fantasy, Surreal
8) “The Sound Barrier” SliceofLife
7) “Smartass” Humor
6) “Detroit 2030” Science Fiction, SliceofLife
5) “Stepping Off” Surreal Suspense
4) “Swan or Angel? You Decide” Surreal, Fantasy
3) “The Clearing” SliceofLife
2) “Step Outside” Surreal
1) “Anniversary” SliceofLife

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